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Hunting highlights for 2004 with Trophy Stalkers
2004 Highlights Whitetail Mule Deer Elk Moose
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We at Trophy Stalkers would like to thank every one who hunted with us and made the 2004 season a great success. This thanks also goes to all hunters from past years that helped Trophy Stalkers get to where we are today.

Trophy Stalkers has expanded this past year into Mule deer hunting, which was a great success. In addition, we added to the whitetail deer, taking advantage of an area where we have over 25 years of experience. As well as increasing our exposure in the waterfowl hunting.

Trophy Whitetail Hunting with Trophy Stalkers

The year started in January with our coyote hunts. The coyote hunt provides mid-winter enjoyment and is always a success.

Coyote Hunting with Trophy Stalkers

We followed with the Spring Bear hunt. All hunters saw a good number of bears, with some coloured bears in the mix. The number of black bears knocked down would put us over a 140% success rate. All bears were over the 5-foot to 6.5-foot size. We also sent a nice wolf to Utah.

September 1st found us preparing for the goose hunting season. This turned out to be a very great season. All hunters had lots of shooting, with the majority of the geese being greater Canada’s with some lesser Canadian, and Speckled Belly geese thrown in. The duck shoots were especially good for field hunts for the green heads and Pintail ducks. On the water we managed to get a number of mixed ducks; Buffle heads, Gold eye, different teals, and Red Head ducks, to name a few.

Goose and Duck Hunting with Trophy Stalkers

During this time, we also scored a 50% on Moose. Trophy Stalkers offers 3 different Moose hunts through out Alberta. Two hunts are in the wilderness areas during the rut. The third is an easy relaxing hunt in cattle country, during the month of November. This hunt is a spot and stalk, high opportunity hunt. Please keep in mind that this hunt is not sold as a trophy hunt, and is generally used as an add-on to a deer hunt.

We wrapped the season up with a great deer season. The season went with 8 deer for 11 hunters. This is over a 70% success rate. Trophy Stalkers has enjoyed an expansion in the deer hunting. We have now obtained permits for white-tailed deer & mule deer, in our home territory where we have intimate knowledge of the deer and hunting area. This expansion was rewarded in sending Mule deer that grossed 189 B&C points south of the border.

Trophy Whitetail Hunting with Trophy Stalkers

I hope your season was a successful as ours, and hope to see your picture on our web site in the near future.

For prices and hunt dates please contact Ross by e-mail or by telephone at 403-932-6013. References available upon request.
2004 Highlights Whitetail Mule Deer Elk Moose
Black Bear Waterfowl Coyote Wolf Booking Your Hunt Home

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